The Captain`s Farewell & Stableford Waltz 27th March

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A good day was had by all at The Captain’s Farewell. The course was in superb condition. The greens are speeding up and there are now new and subtle borrows all over the place. That little shot of celebratory port helped us all over the first few holes but the effect wears off quite quickly. Luckily, some of us had our hipflasks. However, the team of Russel, Pat and Roland H. stayed sober and focussed and went on to smash the Stableford Waltz with 80 points. Well done everybody.

After a lovely meal, it came to that historic moment when power shifts from one leader to the next. Unlike the current shenanigans in the House of Commons, this was a well-ordered affair, albeit with a slight emotional undercurrent – and all conducted in the presence of the majority of the Senior Members. Wot a great little Club we are.

Nice short speeches were made and the ceremonial “Baton of Command” was handed over to tumultuous applause. And so it`s a fond farewell, with our grateful thanks, to Captain “Sensible” Roy and an enthusiastic welcome to our new Captain Roland. 

Stevenage Golf Club The Captain's Farewell

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